About A.D.

Adaptable Developer is for software engineer professionals to help them optimize their productivity, focus, and become more efficient in their work. Readers will learn how to put together a solid daily supplement stack to improve their baseline mental acuity, and then discover how to use nootropics for a short-term burst when needing maximum performance. I help you put together all this together into a plan that helps your life.

Furthermore, I teach you how to optimize your programming strengths with the right tools and habits. I provide research supported advice on which supplements and at what dosage are effective for daily use to raise your mental acuity, combined with suggested nootropic stacks for maximizing performance when you need it. By teaching you how to combine these I help you improve your career as a software developer consultant, or to take it in that direction if you’re an employee looking to reach a higher level.

“Sharp mind, productive life.”

Why should you care?

My vision for this site is for it to be a well-informed & trusted source of information to help make engineer professionals’ life more productive & rewarding.

Yeah, it’s nerdy…but in a relatable way.

     Adaptable Developer is…

    • Educated but not stuffily academic: Its voice has analytical rigor behind it (research-backed and cited) without going overboard
    • Analytical but light-hearted: Its approach to share information has a playful mad scientist experimenter feel to it
    • Playful but not indulgent: A little alliteration (or in this case consonance) where appropriate, some purple prose without overdoing it, all while presenting information that’ll help you and being entertaining at the same time

    My Promise to You 


      To show you how to become both a faster and more precise software developer


      To help you improve your work life without compromising your health or free time


      To provide a high-quality & credible blueprint that changes your life for the better

      When I was figuring this out for myself, I was frustrated at the too-often low quality of information out there.

      I’d see a grandiose claim about some supplement or nootropic giving great benefits, I’d check out the research studies they cited, and realized they had either gone way too far with the conclusions or outright bent the truth to make a sale.

      I promise you that I won’t do that, I’ll report the good and the bad that I find in the clinical record. Such times as I’m just giving my opinion, I’ll be clear about that as well.

        Meet Alex Athey

        Why do I do this?

        Well, to make money of course! 🙂 But why write this website? This project grew out of my own years of experience testing and figuring out what works best for improving my productivity.

        I’ve shared much of this with friends and coworkers; however, I want to really get it out there in the public view. I also want to improve my knowledge base, and I know that putting this out there for public (in other words your) scrutiny will cause me to be more rigorous in my research and testing than I would be just for my own benefit.

        Let’s get a “little” personal

        I’ve been a software engineer consultant since 2010 after years of being a 9-to-5 cubicle dweller, and I had to make many adjustments to be successful in that role compared to when I was an employee. After working out my own productivity habits and researching supplement and nootropics stacks to improve my performance, I wanted to share it with more than my friends and colleagues.

        I have a range of interests, some of which overlap with the mission here and some of which do not. After intermittent attempts at CrossFit and barbell training, I’ve gotten into weighted calisthenics at home, with some interest in gymnastics though I’ve got a long ways to go there.

        Anti-aging, health, fitness, are all domains of interests. I enjoy a good night out on the town too, so don’t think I’m a monk ascetic despite the focus on discipline either.

        In terms of hobbies, I’m an avid reader: for fun mostly fantasy with a smattering of other genres, and for self-edification a wide variety of self-improvement books. (A smattering of my favorite fiction books: Hyperion by Dan Simmons, Memories of Ice by Stephen Erikson, Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, any book from The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson).

        I play way too many video games as well, mostly strategy and RPG’s though I enjoy most genres.

        Alex Standing

        “I asked my dad what he thought about my new site and vision for it, and he poked some fun at me describing me as an intellectual dilettante, high energy, forward-facing, looking to the future person. I’m good with that, even if he did say that I was pretty good for an amateur :)”

        Alright, enough of that, this is starting to sound like a Craigslist personal!

        Have a look at the latest articles,
        check out my guide to putting together your own supplement and nootropic stack
        drop a line and say hi!

        ~ Alex